Local Gem: Balans Spa

Is there any gal who doesn't like to get pampered?  The answer is a hard "no."  Cameron and I were lucky enough to try out a new kind of treatment hitting Boston, flotation therapy.  There are not many words to describe the surreal effects of this treatment, so photos of the spa will have to do!  We loved how calm the atmosphere at Balans is.  Its simplistic design presenting an automatic feeling of zen from bustling streets of Back Bay.

The zen and friendly staff at Balans started the session with an introduction of the private area where the soundproof and lightproof bath is located (in a unique cavernous part of the spa), and an intro to the pre- and post-bath steps.  After showering, you enter the bath full of epsom salt.  The dense water helps prevents rolling over, even if you fall asleep, which you will want to do.  You float for about 50 minutes (although it took about 10-15 to feel completely relaxed) and after that time frame of nirvana, lights gently come on and the jets power off, signaling for the end of the session.  Due to the high salt levels in the water, the flotation tank creates a zero gravity environment.


Flotation therapy is known to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, swelling, insomnia and flow of the lymphatic system.  It was admittedly tough to "wake up" from the peaceful float and my skin reaped the benefits for many days after the treatment.  We're already dying to float again!

We were gifted the opportunity to visit Balans and love to work with (especially local) brands us JUGs believe in!

photos by JUGs