J.Crew's Very Personal Stylist App

Looks like


is getting on the


train. This week Refinery29 revealed J.Crew's collaborative work with

Gin Lane Media


Partners & Spade

, which is already out in beta (test) mode. The app, Very Personal Stylist, is currently only available in New York and LA (sigh, when will Boston be at the top?), and is expected to reach other cities later in 2013.

Here's the info they are giving out so far:

"Very Personal Stylist offers twelve stories in all; six for men, and six for women. Each story is told through a unique and playful series of interactions, inviting the user to slide, tap, swipe, and spin through each chapter of style tips. A consistent and fixed UI offers quick hints for operating the app. This menu bar also empowers the customer to summon an expertly trained stylist immediately, or book an appointment for a later date. Alerted with a quick push notification on their own device, the Very Personal Stylist employee can offer advice, field questions, and provide a more intimate shopping experience overall."

I searched the App Store to see if I could get a peek at the interface and functionality (nerd alert), even if I couldn't technically book anything, but came up with zilch. Sigh.

In the meantime I have one real girl question:

Will the stylist honestly tell you that an item does not look as good on you as it does pinned back on the model??



J.Crew Very Personal Stylist's Instore App Experience


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