New Beginnings in 2013

In just a few days our blog, Just Us Gals, will officially be five months old. The time seems to have gone by in a flash but we cannot deny what a rewarding learning experience it has been for us JUGs. Together we oriented ourselves beyond the reading side of the blog world and dipped our toes into content generation, blog management, image sourcing and all the nitty gritty little details in between.  We started out without much concern as we aimed to solely be a means to end chain emails amongst our friends as we constantly shared information on books, meetups, sales, excursions, crafts and the like. Just as our book club has evolved not only in size but also from monthly book discussions to weekly museum visits, DIY craft nights, networking events, to neighborhood excursions and much more, so has our feeling that we shouldn't be keeping our posts to ourselves.

Starting as of February 2013 Cameron, Meredith and myself (Suzanne) will aim to inform the girls of Boston on all the happenings going on in and around our beloved city. Constantly frustrated by the lack of credit Boston receives in terms of style and culture, we aim to prove that a girl in Boston can have just as much, if not more fun and more style than a girl living in the applauded cities like New York City or San Francisco.

Please join us as we discuss books, cooking, art, culture, music, style, green living, and the overal joys of being a young 20-something girl living in Boston just like us, just like you, just like us gals.

PS - Going forward we will be cleaning out old posts from our testing stage but will re-upload the ones that received the highest hits and still contain pertinent information.

- Suzanne
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