Party Planning

I think we all know that as we unwillingly meet our later 20's we all hit some major milestones. Apartments, new jobs, new work friends, bills, loans, boyfriends, breakups, record breaking hangovers, yaddy-yadda, and this list goes on. But today, the major milestone I'd like to talk about is friends getting married, and most importantly, getting invited to their BACHELORETTE PARTIES!

This year I have not one, but four weddings! Two in the Summer, one in the Fall and one in the Spring (ok so technically that's 2015 but who cares). Now mind you I'm only in two of them, but I am starting to get super excited and also starting to get super sweaty palms about how I can help plan the most fun bachelorette parties.

So help me out. Who's been to an awesome bachelorette party? I'm looking for any sort of tip - large or small. Location, activities, menus, gifts - any ideas that you think made the weekend extra special. So far we've discussed a few options but neither party has been determined or extensively researched. Below is a very rough list of what we've brainstormed so far for you to review:

Biggest perk of this is affordability and relaxation. We could rent a house in New Hampshire or the Adirondacks (LOVE the Adirondacks), do lake activities or hike in the day and grill and relax at night. Sounds nice, right?

You have to admit - this sounds awesome. Might be a bit of a travel cost as we'd probably have to fly out West to Montana or Wyoming. Perks - horse back riding, hiking, other outdoorsy activities, and I'm envisioning stone massages, ridiculous outfits and drinking whiskey in a saloon. Maybe even some nice chaps for the single girls to hang out with by a bon fire? But again, I haven't really researched this.

This sounds really fun, like college style fun. Cost is undetermined and I'd probably come back feeling like crud, but the memories would be long lasting, and probably piecemeal (my favorite kind of college party memory). I also like that we could act as ridiculous as we want because positively we wouldn't be the only bachelorette party or group of girls looking to have fun. I refuse to rule this option out till someone has a convincing reason.

Montreal is as close to a European city as one can get and still be within driving distance of Boston / NYC. We could do cultural city and food tours by day and by night hit up some really fun bars. Clubs aren't totally my style, but I don't think this is a big issue.

So let's hear it. Who votes for the lake trip weekend, the dude ranch getaway, the jersey shore extravaganza or the Canadian city tour? Have better ideas? Share them in the comment section below. Help a gal out!

- Suzanne