Happy Earth Day


Hope everyone is safely and happily recovering from running or watching yesterday's marathon! Today we have something different to celebrate - 44th Annual Earth Day! There are so many ways to celebrate our environment, especially in such a green city like Boston. This week, Boston Green Blog is giving away two free passes to The Future of Nature Lecture Series hosted by the Nature Conservancy. The three events in the series promise to be both interesting and inspiring - covering the issues of population, finance, and climate change. 

This Thursday is the first ever Fashion Revolution Day, which is another worthy way to celebrate Earth Week. FRD asks people to wear their clothing inside out for one day in order to encourage transparency, equality, and sustainability in the apparel industry.

If these events are too much for you, how about simply reducing your carbon footprint by biking more with Boston's Hubway program? Or, keep informed by occasionally checking out the city's Greenovate Boston initiative. 

- Cameron