Spring Skin Savers

Ever since meeting the lovely founder of


, the South End's eco-beauty boutique, the JUGs have been working hard to detoxify our skincare. As someone that's prone to the occasional zit, I've spent years applying all sorts of chemicals to my skin in order to keep "clear." Of course, I've recently discovered that non-toxic  remedies are not only healthier and better for the environment, they actually work better! Here is my secret recipe for truly clear skin:


First, rinse your face with warm water to open your pores. Then, use a cotton ball to apply

Clairvoyant Beauty Refreshing Cucumber Toner

. Though this product has not yet been rated (NR) by our favorite healthy beauty resources,

The SkinDeep Database



, we know it is safe because we've checked the ingredients with the SkinDeep list, and everything looks good! (Note: be wary of any food or skin product that has ingredients that you don't recognize or can't pronounce).


Treat problem areas with

OSEA Essential Corrective Complex

. I am obsessed with this product. Not only is it a 0 on the SkinDeep database (no hazard), it smells amazing, and is highly effective.


If you are going somewhere soon and need to make huge zit look as small as possible before heading out, the miracle cure is the most natural of all: ice. Ice that bad boy for 15 - 20 minutes to help the swelling go down before applying makeup.


Especially if you are using products like toners and astringents (step 1), you'll need to moisturize. If you don't, your skin will go into overdrive and create excess oil to make up for the natural oils you removed with the toner. To battle this dilemma is

Shamanuti Face Oil

. Tara Foley, the founder and owner of


, recommends this product for people with "oily" skintypes. It is particularly good for acne-prone skin because it has sential fatty acids that help protect skin against infection and inflammation caused by bacteria. BONUS: Shamanuti is a Boston-based company!!!


The final step, of course, is to cover up the zit!

RMS Uncover Up

 is the perfect chemical-free way to achieve a flawless face. The main ingredient is coconut oil, and the SkinDeep Database rated this product a 3 (no hazard). Impressively, RMS has received GoodGuide's highest rating of 10 because they don't use any ingredients in their products that could be considered health concerns.

Voila, now you have better skin than

Natalie Portman

. P.S. Don't forget the sunscreen!

- Cameron