Where to Find Custom Upholstery in Boston

I first heard

Upholstery on Broadway

through a google search of Boston-area upholstery shops. I had two benches that had terrible floral patterned fabric with a dated skirting style that I just couldn’t fix myself. I needed professional help and after three months of trying to do it myself, I finally gave in and decided to find an expert.

When comparing UOB them to other shops, I ultimately knew they were the right fit because of their Yelp reviews. Every review reflected high satisfaction with their skill level and even better, each review raved about how helpful the owners, Kevin and Pamela, were. As someone who generally likes do all my DIY projects myself, this type of collaboration was very important to me. I loved how each review gave detailed reports of their consultation options, willingness to drop by clients homes to pick up furniture, help pick the best fabrics, instruct on technique and process, execute with attention to detail and quick turn arounds, and the list went on.

Within two weeks of dropping off my two parson benches and having my first and only consultation with Kevin, my gorgeous newly upholstered masterpieces were complete. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and highly recommend anyone looking for upholstery to pay a visit to Kevin and Pamela.

For more information visit their site: 

Upholstery on Broadway

Perk: They also offer


, so you really can do it yourself!

- Suzanne