The Week of May 22nd

Around Boston

Around town for the holiday weekend? Here's what's going on in Boston this Memorial Day weekend.

27 Ways to fall in love with New England this summer.

Did you see that this Boston #girlboss is on Shark Tank?

Around LA

Around LA for the holiday? Here's your guide to Memorial Day in and around the city.

Grand Central Market is starting Summer Nights this June.

Career & Finance

7 key takeaways from Sheryl Sandberg's powerful commencement speach.

You'll never believe what people think is the best job ever.

Sometimes this is nice to hear.

Health & Beauty

Wasn't sure whether this was classified as beauty or startup advice but I love all of it.

Inspiration time! 31 days of healthy breakfasts.

5 women share what it's like to live with skin cancer.

Style & Decor

20 books that are perfect for your summer vaca. 

These #girlbosses have serious office style.


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