Who's That Gal: Allison Daroie of Paridaez

Name: Allison Daroie
Occupation: Founder/CEO of Paridaez, Minimalistic Transformative Apparel
Hometown: Grew up all around Massachusetts - Winthrop, Amesbury, Boston
Age: Guess ;) 
Current Hood: Central Square, Cambridge

Tell us about Paridaez! How did you come up with the idea of “minimalistic transformative apparel?”

I was getting ready one morning and realized I had a conservative meeting to attend, a yoga class I wanted to check out and I planned to meet some friends for drinks later that evening. I didn’t have time to travel home for multiple outfit changes and couldn’t look like a bag lady attending the conservative meeting. My day was just beginning and I felt exhausted trying to get ready amidst a huge mess of failed outfit attempts. I realized life would be a lot easier and I would be less restricted if I had clothes that transformed into different articles of clothing so I could be appropriately dressed for any setting. 

Once you had this idea, what were your next steps from idea to launch? Did you have any background in fashion?

I’m a non-practicing lawyer and a yoga instructor. I also worked for Karmaloop.com but they were an online retailer, not cut and sew. I had no experience in apparel design or production, so there was a bit of a learning curve. It’s challenging to think outside the box with what I was hoping to achieve… good design and added functionality. So I taught myself the whole process from inception to finished product. I spoke with a lot of people, made many mistakes and learned so much in the process. I designed the collection then found talented pattern makers before sourcing materials and locating manufacturers. 

Getting the word out about your startup can be incredibly hard but we’ve noticed you’ve had a lot of success with popups. Can you tell us more about how you went about setting those up?

I reach out to potential venues or people I know who run particular locations and put together a well thought out proposal. It needs to be a win-win. I often curate the whole event from sponsors, talent to promotional materials and outreach. The venue receives free marketing. I receive a temporary physical space and attendees get to party. Everybody wins! :) 

Do you have any other marketing / PR advice you have for a brand looking for more exposure? 

Collaborations with other brands are a great way to get the word out. 

What have been the biggest challenges of starting your own business?

There are a lot of ups and downs in the life of a startup. It’s challenging playing many roles and working on a shoestring budget. Sometimes those closest to you try to convince you not to take the risk and to go work for someone else. However, if you have a clear vision and passion, don’t deviate from it... or else you might always wonder “what if?”...

Talk to us about your “Advocate Program.” How can fans become a Paridaez advocate?

The Bird of Paridaez Advocate program is great! You receive deals on product and a percentage of all sales made using your unique code. To become an advocate you just have to shoot me an email telling me about yourself and explaining why you’d be a great advocate for Paridaez. 

What’s next for Paridaez? 

Big things are on the horizon! You’ll just have to follow our journey to find out! :) 


Currently Reading: Happier
Best workout in Boston: I practice yoga on my own for the most part, but my friend Heather White is doing some great things with Trillfit
Go to Boston salon (your hair is amazing, had to ask): James Trocano, Salon Persona
Best date idea for you and your bestie: Beach date on Plum Island Reservation and breakfast at Mad Martha’s
Best bite size piece of business advice you’ve heard: The most successful entrepreneurs make big mistakes.
Your role model is: my mama