Book Club Discussion Questions for 'Artemis' by Andy Weir


Escape the cold weather and take a trip to the moon through our new sci-fi fav, Artemis. We had high expectations for this novel because we absolutely loved The MartianThough we still liked The Martian better, Artemis is still absolutely a worthwhile, incredibly entertaining read--especially if you have Audible--Rosario Dawson narrates the audiobook and she is fantastic! 

Once you've finished the book. grab your clique and get chatting. Use these questions to help spark your discussion: 

  1. Let's get right into it. Did you like Jazz? Did you find her personality relatable or real? Or perhaps just harsh, cold, overly sexualized?
  2. Was this book classic good vs. evil - or was it more of an antihero story? How would you characterize the story's plot?
  3. How is the moon society described by Weir similar to vacation destinations here on earth today? How is it completely different? Would you want to visit Artemis?
  4. Do you see the book as a realistic portrayal of the future? Could you envision this all playing out?
  5. Did you like the literary device Weir used to portray Jazz's past - the e-messages?
  6. Many readers were quite critical of this book. Do you think this is just because people were holding Weir's work to certain standard after reading his first book, or, was it really just an ehhh novel? Would you see a movue version of this story?
  7. Science fiction: love or hate?
  8. Do you think Jazz served a just punishment for her crimes? Is there an alternate ending you would have preferred?