Roses and Revolutions, 2018. Photo by Allie Kovalik

Roses and Revolutions, 2018. Photo by Allie Kovalik

Turn up the volume and the AC, because this playlist is hot, hot, hot and what better way to bring the heat than with some femmes on fire. Whether you’re looking to cool down or turn up, Sum (her) JuJu Jams will have you groovin in all the right ways. Make these summer months last with a playlist so LIT, you’ll be roastin’ marshmallows and makin’ s'mores all night long. Here are a few of our faves:

Artist on the rise: Meg Myers

We can’t say enough good things about Meg Myers. She’s fierce, she’s emotional, she’s angsty, and she gets us amped. Whether it’s her screamin’ solo’s or her punk poet melodies, you've got to get her entire disc-o-graphy downloaded and ready to rock at a moments notice.

Catch Meg Myers at The Sinclair on October 2nd  

On repeat: Talia - King Princess

If I could play one song the rest of the summer, this would be it.

Catch King Princess at The Sinclair on July 12 (sold out!)

Hometown She-ro: Lake Street Dive

Despite the fact this band is touring the US, playing music festivals and sold out shows, and performing on Conan, we still like to claim them as our own, afterall, the band is Boston born. The powerhouse vocals of Rachael Price will send shivers down your spin and get even the stiffest of your friends tappin’ their foot.

Happy listening

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