Gal Gab! Is It Time to Change the Way We Ride?

Like in any city, thousands of Bostonians rely on public transportation on a daily basis.  It is our work commute, a way to visit friends and to responsibly get to an event without getting behind the wheel.  This morning, I came across this article, asking us the common question, "Should the T run later at night?"

Right now, the last train is at 12:35am.  Compared to other cities, this is pretty laughable.  We have done fine in getting around otherwise following our watering holes closing promptly at 2am, but many questions come to mind with this debate.  Talks of policy change seem to just be the start of a long-term discussion.

Without getting too political, would you want and take advantage of the "after-hours" service between 1am-5am?  Feel free to comment and/or take the survey here.

- Meredith