Lara Spencer is Just Like Us

Newsflash: it's nearing Labor Day and in Boston that means some Boston only holidays are coming up - September 1 (love it or hate it) and Allston Christmas. I'm sure everyone knows September 1 by now and for those who don't know, Allston Christmas is a term coined by Allstonites which refers to the amount of "junk" that is left on sidewalks from people moving in or moving out to the hood. As we all are starting to notice, Allston Christmas extends all over Boston...and one gal's junk is another gal's treasure!

For those of you that agree with me, I highly suggest you add a new book to your collection, I Brake for Yard Sales by Lara Spencer, as it is an excellent resource that tells you how to wheel and deal at any yard sale or large flea market. From finding the best name brands, to knowing your price, to endless makeover ideas - Lara helps guide you through it all.

Can you guess how much some of those gorgeous items above were? That awesome Missouri Pacific Lines sign (what an amazing statement piece) was just $80!  The pair of yellow club chairs - just $45 each and that pair of peacock velvet chairs - $40 each! How jealous are you?

It also has really come in handy for me as I navigate through endless amounts of stuff on Craigslist and consignment sites in attempts to furnish my new apartment!

Have any recent DIY furniture makeovers? Send them our way! And don't forget, Brimfield is right around the corner!

- Suzanne

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