Week of August 26


S U M M E R T I M E  S A D N E S S 

Welp, its the last week before Labor Day, which is bittersweet. Luckily, the weather should be amaze for another month or so. A fun and easy way to celebrate the end of summer is by doing a classy dinner with friends - afterall, its Restaurant Week

E C O  S T U F F

While you're out and about this week, make sure to check out the Cool Globes Exhibit (5 ft. diameter globes installed throughout the city to draw attention to Climate Change issues). If the globes have you feeling inspired, head to Lucca Back Bay on Tuesday night for Boston Green Drinks.


Five Red Sox games at home this week, so grab your hat and hit Bleacher Bar! And on Thursday, the Pats play their last preseason game. Can't wait to start hitting the bars in Southie every Sunday to watch football! And while we're on the topic of sports, I'm also planning to play a little bocce at the North End courts at some point, which is the perfect early September activity.

J U G - T I V I T I E S

This week, the JUGs are meeting with their book club to discuss The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, so keep an eye out for our discussion questions later this week.

And, Suz and I are also going to MSL Cardio Pilates Bootcamp on the Greenway tonight. I am so nervous!!!

- Cameron