Night Creams that Banish Winter Skin

We're halfway through January, which means we will be sitting on the


in just 5 months! Unfortunately, we still have to endure about 3 more months of unpredictable New England weather, and dry, artificial indoor heat. Like many gals, my skin goes cray in the winter - it is dry and oily at the same time. Brutal. Night creams have been a godsend this season because they address dry skin while you sleep, so you don't have to go to work with too much shiny moisturizer all over your face in the morning. Plus, since entering my "late twenties" this fall, I've decided to get serious about wrinkle prevention (though, not as serious as

Martha Stewart


I did my homework by testing a bunch of samples, so here are the final four JUGs approved creams:

  • Nerium AD Age Defying Treatment, $110. This is for serious wrinkle-prevention with definite results. Nerium is great for people that aren't as worried about dry skin, but are mainly concerned with looking 25 forevahhh.