Daily Read: I Suwannee

Unlike other blogs, I can't go a day without checking up on the Southern gem that is Jamie Mears, an

interior designer



, and owner of the online retail shop,

Furbish Studio

. All three exhibit not only her unique, ecclectic style but her daring flair for life. Mixing multiple bold patterns with bright colors, Jamie takes a fun spin on tradition items and accomplishes some of the most gorgeous rooms and pieces that one would previously have thought unthinkable. Don't beileve me or in need of some flair in your life? Check out Jamie's blog

I Suwannee

for yourself!

After you've decided you must live more like Jamie, hop on over to

Furbish Studio

, where you'll find no shortage of great decor items or gifts, one of a kind pop up shops and some great deals on refurbished vintage items. A new pop up shop with

Sarah Martinez

launched yesterday and I'm sure there will be a Memorial Day Sale on the horizon as well...