Latest Obsessions

Am I the only one who's wardrobe goes solely gray and black in the winter? I can't help it, it just happens! But these are some staple pieces (as well as accessories) that I am totally dying over right now. Though they are black and gray I think they are pretty badass and cool. 

1. Dying for this J.Crew coat but they are sold out of my size. Cross your fingers for a re-stock!

2. This shirt is a must. Must I tell you!

3. I have yet to attempt the cape trend but this Zara cape seems like a good place to start.

4. I am so onboard with the resurgence of Doc Martens. And they seem like pretty good winter boots, no?

5. Dying to read Thrive, by Arianna Huffington. Have you read it yet?

6. I think these will be my earrings for 2015. I love a simple shine.

7. I am obsessed with Linda Rodin so I am dying to try her new product line, Rodin Skin Care.

8. You gotta add a little pop if you're wearing all black and grey! Start with this RMS Lip2Cheek number in Beloved. 


What are you currently obsessing over? 

- Suzanne