Book Club Discussion Questions for 'The Interestings' by Meg Wolitzer

Grab your gals and a glass of wine and get discussing! This month, we're chatting about The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. Let us know how your book club meetings + discussions go by using #JUGsBookClub.


1. The American Dream is the idea of social mobility and that working hard will bring eventual success. Does this dream hold true for the characters of The Interestings? Did some characters work harder than others? How did their ideas of success differ?

2. What character did you most identify with? Which was the most flawed?

3. The book details how each of the main characters interact with their families. All of them have complicated relationships with their families. Was the author trying to convey something through this?

4. Jules' reaction to the annual Christmas letters from Ash and Ethan: dramatic or relatable? 

5. What do you think happened with Goodman and Cathy? Would you have kept Goodman's whereabouts a secret?

6.  Which character seemed the most lonely? Why was loneliness a theme in a book about a tight-knit group of friends?

7. Give the book an A-F letter grade and explain why. 


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