Latest Obsession: AEON ROW

Introducing AEON ROW

We LOVE that Boston is becoming a hub for budding fashion designers and startup clothing brands. Our closets are stocked with local wares from the likes of  Brass, VETTA, Luxxie, Crane and Lion, Janji, and Cause I Run, but we can't get enough. Our next obsession: AEON ROW

AEON ROW is a newly launched Boston-based, American-made clothing brand that fits seamlessly into our conscious, capsule wardrobes. 

Why we love it

Here at JUGs we are big believers in the "conscious consumer" movement and have been working hard to make all of our shopping decisions socially and environmentally responsible. AEON ROW exceeds our criteria for conscious fashion - not only is every item in the line made from recycled cotton, the brand also provides discounts when you send them your old, unwanted clothes! AEON ROW is pioneering a closed-loop system for clothing which means that gals can be fashionable without guilt!  

How it works

Order something from AEON ROW  (Cam has the v-neck cami in white and the black roll-cuff T and loves them both. The cami in particular has been a summer go-to). In your package you'll find a return label. Use it to send one piece of unwanted clothing back to AEON ROW ...and upon receipt, they'll e-mail you a 15% discount code you can use on your next purchase! 

The backstory

The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing EACH YEAR! Fast fashion is a wasteful craze that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. AEON ROW founder Griffin Vanze looked high and low for clothes that would stand the test of time and fit with his environmental values. He worked at an environmental nonprofit and wanted to walk the talk. Unfortunately, many sustainable clothing brands are cost-prohibitive, especially on a non-profit salary. Frustrated by the lack of options, Griffin went to work to create high quality, sustainable, affordable clothing. Each piece of the resulting line is under $100 while being stylish and versatile enough to fit into any capsule wardrobe!