How Therapy Helps You Perform Better in the Workplace

Zencare team

Zencare team

Sometimes we can get so busy, especially with work, that our health suffers. It takes some serious willpower to find time to workout regularly, eat right, and be mentally well while also working long hours. That’s why we’ve started to include meditation and therapy in our self-care routines. These practices help us manage emotions that might be distracting while we’re trying to gsd at work. Finding the right therapist through tools like Zencare is the first step. Stressful relationships, past traumas, depression, and anxiety can all take a toll on work performance in various ways, but the most obvious is that they are definitely distractions that often prevent us from concentrating solely on our projects.

As we read on Zencare’s blog, emotions are natural responses to life events. But, of course, choosing how to respond to life events and finding balance is essential. Recently Harvard published a study revealing that the simple act of clearing your mind can help lower blood pressure -- proving yet again that mental wellness is inextricably linked to physical wellness and longevity.

Zencare's founder, Yuri Tomikawa (above) was inspired to start the company after seeking a therapist to help her deal with work-related stress.

Minimizing distractions and boosting overall wellbeing aren’t the only benefits of therapy on workplace performance. We’re constantly looking for ways to beat imposter syndrome, both in and out of work. Knowing your own value, independent of external factors, is so important, especially as young women in business and starting therapy is a great way to tap into your unique skill set and inner power  

So seriously, take that mental health day. Join us in trying meditation and therapy and let us know what you think!


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