JUGS JAMS: Spring, Sprang, Sprung: Beats to Help you Bloom

Callie Peters of The Ballroom Thieves. 2018. Photo by Allie Kovalik.

Callie Peters of The Ballroom Thieves. 2018. Photo by Allie Kovalik.

Sometimes we all need a dance party for one. We're talking a 30 minute, tunes cranked, nonstop dance till you sweat kind of party. Dance so hard you sweat. If this isn’t the right way to ring in Spring, we don’t want to be right. Trust us, you'll feel ALIVE. It’s been a long winter, and despite  years in New England, come June, we join the rest of the world in bemoaning the cold and dreary weather. We all need this dance party. 

Also with the change in weather comes the undeniable change in the music we crave. Let's dial back on the low-key cozy winter tunes, and turn up the groovy, make ya wanna move tunes. Just like the sunshine and the cool breeze of Spring, a good playlist can really get you moving, or napping in the park, or whatever it is your inner Spring goddess is asking of you.

Our seasonal playlist, Spring, sprang, sprung: beats to help you bloom combines the slow jammy park napping tunes with the upbeat -- it’s a new day, we're alive and emerging from our cocoon vibes. This playlist is funky, fresh, groovy, dancy and full of women who can rock. Here are a few of our faves:


Artist on the rise: Amy Shark

This Aussie just finished touring the US and I was lucky enough to catch her at Brighton Music Hall. All I can say is, she better be coming back soon because a trip to Australia isn’t in my near future. Mark my words - she’s going to be huge.

On repeat: Thanks 4 Nothing - Nilufer Yanya

It’s catchy, it’s got us groovin and I can’t stop listening to it. This BBC Artist of the Year is on the rise and performing at Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago this summer.

Local Spotlight: Sidney Gish

I stumbled upon ‘Presumably Dead’ on Sidney’s 617 Session and can’t stop listening. She’s a full-time Northeastern student, currently interning in NYC, but she’s been playing around Boston for a few years and has garnered her own local following. Keep your eyes peeled for local gigs.

Happy listening!


Allie Kovalik is a content contributor who has an ear for music, an eye for dogs, and a taste for tacos. Follow all three of her adventures (and many more) on Instagram: @alliek20