Boston Brand 'Busy Beauty' is Our Showerless Post-Workout Solution


Busy Beauty is here to help.

If you are like me then your alarm goes off at 5AM to start your day and it feels like it doesn’t end until 9PM at night – oftentimes, that’s the tiring reality. Between balancing work, relationships, exercise and hobbies, our plates are incredibly full making it difficult to spend much time getting ready in the morning or in between commitments. While we are trying to take over the world one activity at a time, every woman wants look and feel beautiful, confident.

But sometimes it seems just impossible to look and feel good all day long. Meeting old friends for drinks 15 minutes after a sweaty workout? Eeek! Trying to make that spin class before a morning meeting? Hmm. Caught in the rain on the way to a date? Not fun.

Busy Ladies, Meet Busy Beauty

Busy Beauty helps women get ready faster and stay fresh all day with the first “showerless” line of beauty and body products. Yes, that’s right – no water, which is great for your schedule and the planet! They understand that women are subject to the beauty double standard, so they’ve created a line of products to help us get out of the shower and get on our way.

We Tried It

I was given the opportunity to try their “Shower in Box” bundle which included their 4 flagship products: Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner, Shave Gel and Body Wipes. As someone with oily hair, I have long embraced dry shampoo, so I was excited to try this product that promised to deliver and that is also vegan, natural and scented with essential oils. I had never tried a dry conditioner but knowing that my ends get very dry in between washes on dry shampoo days, you didn’t have to twist my arm to use it.

Like many Boston ladies, I’m a fitness enthusiast, generally going to the gym before work or sometimes sneaking a session in at lunch. That means their body wipes could be a mission critical item to keep in my bag for a quick transition back to work attire.

The Results

These products are small enough to keep in your purse, gym bag or carry-on without sacrificing space. Right away, I was impressed with the packaging knowing we don’t always have a lot of space for extra products.


I was cautiously optimistic about the dry shampoo because I was worried it might not hold up to some of my current go-to’s such as Dry Bar or Batiste. I went about my normal routine of spraying it in and letting it sit for a few minutes while I applied makeup. I find this yields the best results with dry shampoo despite what each bottle says in the instructions. After brushing the remaining shampoo through my hair, I was really surprised that my hair looked and felt as clean as it would with the other products. It left my hair with a faint pleasant scent unlike some of the others I have tried that can be overwhelming with a perfume or artificial fragrance. I quickly moved on from my roots to my ends spraying in the dry conditioner. There was no residue like a dry shampoo and again a very light floral scent. It actually helped with some of the frizz by smoothing out the ends.


The body wipes have proven to be a lifesaver on days when I have to quickly transition from the gym back to work and when I got off a plane and didn’t have time to shower. These aren’t like a typical baby wipe or other body refresh wipes on the market because they are thick and extra-large. At 5’10, I have a lot of surface area to cover so I need these wipes to hold up in order to feel like I can truly skip the shower. Busy Beauty’s body wipes did not disappoint – there was enough moisture to sustain wiping down my whole body without getting dry, warn or ripping in the process.

The moment of truth really came when I went to try the shave gel. Here I was standing there with my razor wondering how they could pull this off? Answer: a gel that I can use to shave that doesn’t require rinsing. Squeezing out some of the gel, I noticed that the viscosity was immediately different than what I was expecting. It was lighter but not runny and again only a faint scent. When I hear “gel”, I immediately think of something that is going to leave a sticky residue but that was not the case. I finished my right lower leg and rubbed in any remaining gel according to the instructions for added moisture before moving on to finish. I was very pleased to see that no hair was left congealed to my leg and my razor was intact.

From one busy woman to another, these products are absolutely worth trying!

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