Monogram Mania


Fellow JUGs who know me best can confirm that I have always believed that the more monograms, the merrier!  These days, trendy items seem to be less individual and more for the masses.  So how does a gal put her personal stamp on an item she loves to wear or feature in her home?  Enter: the monogram.


One of my favorite online (green) magazines, Matchbook Magazine, featured a succinct


on the monogram last month, including a timeline of its history to various uses present-day.  It was not until the victorian times that the monogram/signature was used for personal use, mostly by upper class citizens.  Now, the number of


one can monogram seems to multiply by the thousands each time I'm browsing retail options out there.  A monogrammed item can be a great gift for the single gal looking for something material to stand out (agenda, handbag, necklace), to a gift for newlyweds to show off their newly shared surname (sheets, towels, ice bucket), and (really) anything in between.  Monograms do not just scream "preppy" anymore, they're purely key when looking to create a personal touch!


Monogram sources these days seem endless (

LL Bean




Mark & Graham



, just to name a few).  When in doubt, ask your favorite retailer if monogramming is possible.  Cost can be low, especially if you're brave enough for DIY stamping or stitching!  Personally, I know my collection of monograms will be growing over time (maybe one day, a pair of monogrammed Stubbs)!


What is your suggestion for using a monogram?  Do you think a gal can go too far?

- Meredith